Computer Vision Time Clock (2014) web camera, variable dimension, TRT 1:47,

I transform color images into the symbolic circle forms using Processing (visual programming language). My experiment demonstrates how computer cameras capture human life, temporal patterns, colors and time.


Humanistic Language (2015)  motion sensor, web camera, variable dimension, TRT 1:09,

I create a humanistic language following gesture recognition outside of the language system in the coded world. This video shows the process of interacting through gestures and body language with computers.



Computer and Human Vision in Everyday Life (2016)  web camera, variable dimension, TRT 6:56,

This video is a time-based art, which records the real life drawing and the movie through computer cameras. I am interested in how computer cameras capture everyday life. Hence, computer visions are different from human visions. Humans see the real life with the naked eyes but computer cameras just capture user’s face and their surroundings. Humans and computers are opposite side of views and facing each other. I aim to unite both visions in my video, which is a crossover canvas between the reality and imagination.


a to z letter Project (2014)  variable dimension, TRT 0:44,

“a to z Letter Project” is to understand myself collecting alphabets from my friends. They design a lowercase letter “a ~ z” that reflects your image of me and send a letter for me on Facebook. As my response, I write answer letters designed a lowercase letter “a ~ z” that reflects my image of each friend.


Journey (2015) variable dimension, TRT 0:56,

Whenever I close my eyes, I can draw my mental picture. This sound takes me my imaginative journey.