Ecommerce Web App
Year: 2016   Industry: Foods
Client: Instashop

Instashop aims to launch online grocery store  that users can easily reach healthy grocery products. The founders and investors understand the market value of Instashop and the revenues using a different type of research: Market research, Demographic research, Contextual research, Competitive Analysis, and Observational Research.



People live and eat something in a fast paced work environment . Cooking and eating time are getting shorter because of the time management. They have a big problem of  the eating habit management.



Instashop aims to organize user's eating habits from a grocery shopping experience to quick recipes. Our goal is to improve the user's quality of daily life through Instashop app. We covers saving money, carrying shopping bags, cooking, eating meals, and a well-balanced diet. 




Instashop organizes the eating habit management through  the whole process of eating experience. Users can buy each recipe's ingredients clicking one button. We aim to save time, money, and healthy habits. Users can see the data of eating habits, food expenses, and cooking time management, which is the key features of Insta app. 


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