Asthma Monitoring and Management App, AMMA

Mobile Portal
Year: 2017   Industry: HEALTHcare

Designlab and the Healthcare Initiative (GHI) are working together to enable a superior user experience for their upcoming AMMA (Asthma Monitoring and Management App) product line. 



Issues has already developed the innovative AMMA technology and is now seeking strategic and human-centered design direction in order to ensure the technology serves their customers needs.




01. Conduct a discovery phase with subject matter experts to gain industry insight, understand product line potential, and identify key areas of focus for user research.

02. Conduct user research to identify usage trends, priorities from the user’s perspective, knowledge gaps, and opportunities for design enhancements related to product desirability (utility, usability, and delight).

03. Deliver a product roadmap outlining features and functionality for the Version 1.0 mobile application and prioritized suggestions for later releases.

04. Create wireframes, visual comps and other design artifacts that describe in detail the look/feel of the companion mobile application.

05. Build a prototype (using InVision, Pop, UXPin, Framer, Pixate or some other tool) of the companion mobile phone application which meets use cases as identified during research.

06. Introduce a data visualization component (in web or mobile) that allows the user to explore their heart’s health and data.

07. Create designs for a web-based product landing page. The product landing page should contain images of the product, pricing, features, benefits, testimonials.


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